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Mosaic Steet Book Box

Are you dedicated to the idea of reading diversely? Reading it in your hot and dirty romance, in grisly murder mysteries or a great space operas? Do you believe stories should come from all cultures and in all colors? We have what you are looking for.



Jonesing to read books that feature people of colors by authors of color? 

Imagine, a world where people of color are featured as characters that are nuanced as they are in real life. Sounds great, right?! If you want to read great books about people of color by writers of color, We have the subscription service you’ve been waiting for you.

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How often will I get this box?

You will receive Mosaic Street Book Box monthly until you change or cancel your subscription. 

Why writers of color?

There are amazing writers of color out there. I wanted to find those writers who looked like me or my diverse group of friends. I wanted to read books that had variety of experiences and reflected how I lived and loved. Also wanted to "see" myself in the great adventures in Sci-fi and fantasy. This is just my effort to shine light on an often overlooked segment of talented writers and put their works into the hands of book lovers. 

What's in the box?

2 trade paperback books and/or graphic novel
1-3 items related to the “The theme of the Month”/book swag  and other fun surprises