What's Inside?

See what's inside your Delight Box

Mosaic Street Books is a simple and easy way to read and discover writers of color from all genres.  It is a monthly book subscription box celebrating diversity in books. Each month you will receive a box containing two trade paperback novels as well as 1-3 quality book related goodies that will make your reading experience all the more enjoyable! 


Makes the perfect gift

  • 2 paperback novels book per box
  • Features Romance, Mystery, and More! Surprises every month!
  • Also includes: socks, apparel, and more!
  • Retail value: $40 to $60
  • Features female writers, writers of color, and LGBTQA+ writers     

The final question:

Is this subscription service just for people of color?

No, it’s not for only for people of color. It’s a chance to discover new voices and genres, expand your reading taste and an opportunity to support a writer. They are like overgrown puppies, they need to be feed. 

On a serious note, here is one fundamentally truth: You want to see more writers of color on the bestseller list, readers need to buy more books by writers of color. We read and buy, the publishers will go searching more writers to feed our addiction. So let’s do our part.